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"It's too big!"

I attended a custom auto show in Atlanta today. As I walked toward the entry I noted signs that forbade video cameras. This coincided with the information that I'd seen on the shows website. Still photography was allowed, but not videotaping. However, one of the security personnel took a look at my Nikon D200 and informed me that only little cameras were allowed into the show. The fact that my camera only took stills and the sign forbade video cameras didn't register with the security person. I asked for confirmation of the "no big cameras" directive and received a polite, but firm stonewall. I walked away and found a member of the auto show who told me that still photography was fine. Problem solved, not quite. As I was standing in the admissions line another security staff member called me out of line because he was concerned that I would not be allowed in due to my large camera. We found another member of the auto show staff who took a look at my large camera and told us that still photography was no problem. While standing in the entry line, attendees were told several times that video cameras were forbidden. The show was fine, lots of cool cars and attractive models. I stuck with shooting the cars. Of course I couldn't take 10 steps without seeing someone videotaping.
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